Job Vacancies at Bank Rakyat

Bank Rakyat, established in 28 September 1954 under the Co-operative Ordinance 1948 is currently the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia to have assets amounting to RM72.48 billion as at end 2011.As the entity under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, we are committed to support the mission of the Ministry to strengthen the cooperative sector as the backbone of economic growth through efforts and measures in place.We are a progressive Islamic Bank in Malaysia looking at cementing our position as a key provider of Shariah compliant banking products.

Job Vacancies at Bank Rakyat :

1. Eksekutif
2. Kerani


Closing Date : 27/03/2013

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10 Responses to Job Vacancies at Bank Rakyat

  1. nur shahkila says:

    i interested to apply tis vacancies .

  2. are-u-stupid? says:

    go apply la.
    dont just say… “i’m interested in dis job”, “i want dis job”, bla bla bla…
    u think people will come to you ka? adik nak keje sini ke? mari2 sini.
    there’s an instruction “CLICK HERE FOR JOB APPLICATION AND HOW TO APPLY” (in red font). la the link & follow the instruction how to apply the job.
    haiyaa…very stupid and malas. u kena cari kerja & majikan tempat kerja. bukan itu majikan/kerja cari u.
    and 1 more thing… a reminder to the others… please, do not leave ur contact number or email address. (ini tempat cari kerja ma, bukan cari jodoh). read the instruction given on how to apply a job posted on this website.

    • dila says:

      setuju ..nak cari kerja, kita yg kena cari bukan senang2 tgl no lepas tu majikan yg nk contact..xpnh cari kerja ke??

  3. Sama2 says:

    I’m interested and i want dis job, where you sir/madam.. Please3x.. Contact or Sms me at 019-7654321 or my EMAIL .. .. i will quickly respond to you call/sms/mail

  4. mohd shahrin bin labang says:

    Peluang pekerjaan

  5. Sy ada pengalaman.. Please contact sy 0128069771..

  6. nurfarahain hassan noor says:

    minta keje kosong…..bhagian kerani..

  7. EYRA says:


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